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From India to the world - Driving force behind SunBright Associates

Mrs. Aarti Rajesh Deshpande, Founder & CEO of SunBright Associates, is a quiet force making a resounding impact in the health and pharma industry. With over 20+ years of experience, she has represented India in pharma conclaves across 35+ countries. Under her leadership, SunBright Associates has tied up with 100+ of Indian manufacturers, exporting affordable Generic Medicines to 28 countries worldwide. During the pandemic, she spearheaded the export of life-saving medicines worldwide. Her visionary approach expanded the company's reach with offices in Dubai, Singapore, and Latin America, while increasing turnover significantly. Mrs. Deshpande's remarkable contributions have earned her numerous awards in the pharma industry.


To revolutionize the healthcare industry by harnessing the power of nature to combat dangerous diseases. Through continuous research, innovation, and partnerships, we aim to lead the way in delivering high-quality, evidence-based herbal nutraceuticals that improve health outcomes and bring lasting positive change to individuals and communities worldwide.


To provide accessible and effective herbal nutraceuticals to individuals battling dangerous diseases like cancer and other illnesses. We aim to offer natural and holistic alternatives that support healing, enhance quality of life, and contribute to the eradication of these diseases. We strive to empower individuals on their health journey, helping them achieve optimal well-being and a renewed sense of hope.

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SunBright Associates– Leading way globally in affordable healthcare

  • SunBright Associates is a cutting-edge pharmaceutical company with a global footprint spanning UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Canada and French West African countries.
  • As a trusted marketing partner for esteemed Indian, Indonesian, and Korean manufacturers, we have gained a reputation for our innovative approach to marketing and delivering high-quality healthcare products at reasonable prices.
  • With a focus on affordability and uncompromising quality, we are committed to exporting our unique formula to people across the world.
  • As the sister company of GENERIC AADHAAR (Swasthya Lifescience Pvt. Ltd.), a leading pharmaceutical brand in India, we are dedicated to making affordable medicines accessible to all.
  • With our presence in multiple countries and manufacturing units, SunBright Associates is well-positioned to revolutionize the healthcare industry by delivering affordable, high-quality medicines worldwide.
  • Our team delivers essential medicines to various institutions, ministries, and governments across the globe.

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